SXRD Luxus Apartmanok is committed to supporting causes, organizations and persons who are worthy of it because of their mission, or who have found themselves in a difficult situation through no fault of their own.

We believe that the guests of our Luxury Apartments are mostly in such a financial situation that they can do it to help. For this reason, we consider it important to draw attention to cases, organizations, and persons eligible for support.

We have decided to select from time to time persons and organizations that our guests can support through us. For them, this does not involve additional costs, in fact, we thank them for their help with a discount. If you want to support our chosen one, select "VIP discount" in our online booking system and enter the given code in the VIP field! You thereby automatically receive a 5% discount, and our sponsor receives 10% of the value of the reservation as a subsidy.

We currently support Soma Csákywho sustained injuries during his selfless help to others, from which his healing and recovery is a long and very expensive process. A friend of ours drew our attention to it, and we were captivated by its fate. Soma's story can be read here:

If you find Soma worthy of support, please use the code SXRD-VIP-SOMA in our online booking interface. Let's help this young man in his recovery together!