Three cellars

A termék bekerült a kosárba!

29 000 Ft


Szekszárd wineries bottle the best of the wine region every year. The keyword of the "Three Cellars" wine selection is diversity: we combine full-bodied red wines from well-known and regionally known smaller wineries, as well as lighter rosé and white wines, so we offer an alternative for every event and mood.

Wines of the selection:

1x Heimann Barbár 2018

The marriage of our most beautiful barrels, our leading brand. We found in it everything we look for in a great wine: mysterious flavors to be deciphered, lots of fruit, depth, memorability, uniqueness and exciting fullness.

1x Heimann Alte Reben 2017

The harvest of the Kékfrankos vines gave a vibrant, lively wine. With its lightness, it is intended as a style exercise of high-quality Kékfrankos, in which elegance and fruit dominate.

1x Prantner Rosé 2021

Our rosé wine comes from the juicy and lovely Kékfrankos fruit. Light and fragrant, fresh and thirst-quenching. Well-chilled as an aperitif, it is an indispensable accompaniment to grilled dishes.

1x Prantner Irsai Olivér 2021

Irsai Olivér is one of the most fashionable varieties today. Its intensely perfumed, sweet scent seduces everyone. The sip is light, refreshing and has a long aftertaste. An ideal choice for an evening toast with friends.

1x Fivérek Árvácska 2020

An exciting pairing is the Kékfrankos-Zweigelt rosé cuvée, which is a lucky pairing of our Zweigelt rosé wine from our estate, which is among the first to go into the cellar, and our Kékfrankos grapes picked in the Kisbödő vineyard. Thanks to its soft and harmonious taste and aroma, it is a great refreshing drink in the heat of summer days, its alcohol content is 12%.

1x Fivérek Cserbóka 2020

The grapes for our chardonnay white wine are located in the Sióagárd area, and are still relatively young. In the area, we work with a capital load of less than 80 máz/hectare. They are typically harvested by hand in the second or third week of September. Despite its relatively high alcohol content of 14.5%, it is a very balanced, light, fresh white wine.