Gift Voucher

If you have received a gift voucher/card from a loved one or friend, you can check the value and expiry date by entering the identifier (ID) on the voucher.


I want to buy a gift voucher

We are honored that you are considering the services of SXRD Luxury Apartments when you are looking to purchase a gift.

Instead of material gifts, in recent years we have increasingly preferred to give unforgettable experiences. If you are looking to give your loved ones or friends a gift of tranquillity, intimacy, active relaxation or a culinary experience, our gift voucher is one of the best choices.

Our apartments can accommodate up to 2 people each (up to 4 people in two apartments) for the duration of the stay. Please note that our accommodation is only for persons over the age of 18, as well as smoking and pets are not allowed in the apartments!

Gift vouchers can be issued in any amount. Gift vouchers cannot be refunded.

Please note that gift vouchers are valid for 200 days from the date of purchase. It cannot be redeemed afterwards! The reserved date can be later than 200 days from the date of purchase, only the reservation must be made within the validity period.

To protect our environment, the gift voucher will be sent in electronic format (pdf) only to the e-mail address provided. We have taken care in the design that if you wish to give your gift in physical, printed form, you can do so in an elegant French envelope. For this reason, we ask that you enter your e-mail instead of the recipient's for the e-mail address!

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